Nemechek Wins with No Sponsor

JHNemechek wins atlantaJohn Hunter Nemechek won an exciting race at Atlanta in the Truck series.

The Trucks and Xfinity guys raced a double header which seemed to work out awesomely for everyone involved. This really let the Truck racers shine in their own series since all the Cup buschwackers hit the Xfinity race. Nemechek won in an unsponsored truck.



First of all, I don’t even remember that ever happening in my lifetime. I vaguely remember Johnny Benson running very well at Daytona in a blank white number 10, but that must have been one of the 500’s qualifying races since according to, his years in the #10 were sponsored by Valvoline or Lycos. Someone on twitter cited Gilliland in a Kentucky Xfinity race, but Racing Reference didn’t agree. So unless someone wants to seriously datamine Racing Reference (and kudos to you if you want to pick through that by hand, no way to search that), I’m gonna go with Nemechek is the first to do it in at least thirty years.

That Nemechek is unsponsored in the first place is a god damn travesty.

This kid is only 18 years old. NASCAR won’t allow anyone under 18 to run the big tracks, so John Hunter shared the truck with his father Joe and ran a partial schedule until he was legal. Even without running six races last year, John Hunter still won a race and finished 12th in the standings, better than some drivers who ran all the races. He had 14 races in a row where his worst finish was 13th. And these races include all the times the Cup guys double or triple dip on a weekend.

Nemechek will be one of the future stars of NASCAR.

Or at least he should be.

NEMCO Motorsports is a small operation and without solid sponsorship, may not make it to all the races this year.

That would easily make the list of top ten worst things to happen to NASCAR in the last decade. Easily.

I get that funding is hard to come by these days and racing isn’t exactly a financially responsible investment. This kid is a race winner though! That should be money in the bank for a company looking to advertise any demographic NASCAR touches. Nemechek has that little winner sticker. He’s going to make it into the first Truck Chase.

If he has the money to make all the races.

I sincerely hope that the reddit NASCAR community and doge coin people rally around Nemechek this year like they did with Josh Wise’s Phil Parsons Motorsport ride before that team got bought out. Hell, I wish I had the money to sponsor the truck. I don’t think a fiver is going to go far though.



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